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  • CEMS Bulletin – 22 May 2019 thumbnail CEMS Bulletin – 22 May 2019

    CEMS captured 144 real-time reports of election-related tensions and violence from 11-13 May in the Bangsamoro. These incidents were characterized by fistfights and the use of explosive devices, rather than the sort of gun battles that were a staple of previous electoral exercises.

  • CEMS Bulletin – 12 May 2019 thumbnail CEMS Bulletin – 12 May 2019

    The a run-up to the 2019 Philippine election was characterized by intense political rivalries that saw candidates and their supporters engage in mudslinging, vote buying, intimidation and threats, harassment, physical fights, and violence with the use of firearms.

  • CEMS Bulletin – 19-21 January 2019 thumbnail CEMS Bulletin – 19-21 January 2019

    The January 21 plebiscite to ratify the Bangsamoro Organic Law will certainly rank as one of the most peaceful political exercises in recent Bangsamoro history. There were many reports of violence but none approximating the magnitude or body count in previous political competitions.

  • Violence in ARMM due to illegal drugs grow 6x 2015 to 2016 but rebels, extremists cause more deaths – International Alert

    By Tricia Aquino, News5 | InterAksyon | December 1, 2017 Violent incidents related to illegal drugs grew almost six-fold in…