Resource Use
Mapping Platform

You may now harness geospatial intelligence, inclusive processes, and robust data gathered from the interoperable tools through Resource Use and Management Planning (RUMP). Create informed maps and visualize the aspirations of local communities for research, policy making, and peacebuilding efforts.

See the impact of meticulous and inclusive resource planning

We integrate features for an inclusive platform

GIS Technology

GIS Technology

Have mapping capabilities and advanced geographical data right at your fingertips.



Be part of the process from planning to execution and ensure program sustainability.

Conflict Dynamics

Conflict Dynamics

Anticipate how geohazards, risks, and other conflict factors may affect resource use and management.

People's Resource<br/>Use Agenda

People's Resource
Use Agenda

Advocate for inclusive, informed, and sustainable development plans and programs.

Capacity Development

Capacity Development

Ensure sustainability of development plans with local government and communities.

Conflict Monitoring News & Updates