October 1980 Vol. II, No. 1

10 July 2022 Dansalan Quarterly

The second volume of Dansalan Quarterly starts with another historical account from Lloyd G. Van Vactor. It centers around the origins of Dansalan Junior College and the opportunities the school presents today. In a nutshell, Van Vactor shares in this article the beautiful history of the very institution he served as President for 12 years–from its humble beginnings to the many elements that make the school what it is, such as the school seal, its hymn, the staff and personnel, among others. He also explains the problems Dansalan encountered as a Christian school in a Muslim community. To illustrate, issues plagued the school in its early life and during its critical decade, as evidenced by low enrollment rates. This is because of the many misconceptions that are associated with the school, causing a misunderstanding on its purpose. Such misunderstanding resulted in Muslims being wary, affecting their finances and stability. But alas, Dansalan survived and thrived, inspiring many graduates to serve mankind through its example. In its fourth decade, it changed its name to Dansalan Foundation Inc., which serves as proof to not only growth but also to more opportunities for the school as it ventures into a new chapter. While so many changes have transpired in Dansalan, its purpose remains the same and intact–service. Van Vactor makes clear how they have answered the call to serve since the school’s establishment, and how this same passion will remain until the very end.

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