January-December 1999 Vol. 19, No. 1-4

10 July 2022 Dansalan Quarterly

This issue of Dansalan Quarterly presents five research papers focusing on the themes of language, Muslim-Christian relations, history, culture, and human rights. The first paper is a study which finds that most Maranao students use their own language, both in speaking and in writing. However, in terms of reading and listening, the students prefer it in a mix of English and Tagalog. This only validates how eager Maranao students are in expanding their knowledge. The second paper is a survey on the language situation in Mindanao which adds to the earlier finding seeing that Maranao respondents prefer and use Filipino over English. Results also indicate higher proficiency and receptivity for Filipino. The study finds how exposure to various forms of mass media aided in such a changing language situation in Mindanao. The third paper explains the historical injustice committed against the Muslims in scholarly work and recommends various steps to promote a more positive learning culture in the country which could help bridge the gap between Muslim-Christian relations. The fourth paper explores the origins of pusaka, or heirloom, a cherished and valued tradition of the Moros. In doing so, the author reports on its development, its history, and its sources. The study also shares the practices associated with it. The fifth paper argues for the need for human rights education. The author believes that the promotion of such would go a long way in resolving the problems of underdevelopment of and conflict in Muslim areas. For one, by improving Muslims awareness on social, economic, and political matters, they become more involved and concerned as individuals, providing an avenue of escape from their entrapment with hopelessness, traditionalism, fanaticism, and fatalism, in turn helping them take charge of their own lives and chart their own destiny.

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