October 1986-January 1987 Vol. VIII, No. 1-2

10 July 2022 Dansalan Quarterly

In this journal, McAmis describes the role of interreligious dialog in maintaining peaceful relations between Muslims and Christians, and he does so through the surveying of various accounts. Particularly, the writer provides both a summary and an analysis of a few formal dialogs that transpired in the Philippines. His survey reveals how the understanding in relationships between Muslims and Christians who participated in dialogs have significantly improved. For one, the messages from such dialogs have been carried by Muslims and Christians alike. As a result, there has been a shift in the attitudes towards each other’s beliefs, some old stereotypes have been eliminated, and a newfound friendship has been made. Moreover, Muslims and Christians are in consensus towards their view that dialogs are better than tensions and hate. Unfortunately, McAmis points out that these dialogs receive little attention in media. The media only covers conflict–most of the time pitting Muslims against Christians. This is an issue that continues to cause rifts in the perception of the greater Christian population towards Muslims. Learning about Muslim-Christian dialogs paves the way for better understanding about different culture and beliefs and hope for a better future. The media can help in making this happen. In sum, through these proactive dialogs, peace can be achieved between Muslims and Christians.

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