January 1980 Vol. I, No. 2

08 July 2022 Dansalan Quarterly

Religion and education are two basic tools that make humans human. These two institutions play a big role in shaping beliefs, and these beliefs then become their way of life. This journal talks about how religion and education made an impact on Maranao Muslims’ ideologies and practices. It provides accounts on how their fundamentals evolved along with religion and education. For instance, in “The Maranao Mosques: Its Origins, Structure and Community Role,” Abbahil sheds light on the influential role of mosques in the lives of Maranao Muslims and in the ummah or Muslim community. The article includes the history of mosques, its traditions, and even its politics. Indeed, the mosque has become not only the emblem of religion for Maranao Muslims, but their way of life. On the other hand, “Illiteracy and Educational Attainment in Lanao del Sur Province and the Philippines, 1975” shares a thesis on how Maranao Muslims have long been deprived of accessible and quality education, which results in a lack of genuine development in the region. Their lower literacy rates as well as educational attainment levels relative to other regions only justify the need for reform. Moreover, the lower standards of living in Lanao reflects the stark differences on access across the country–much progress ought to be made. In conclusion, this journal shows the importance of both religion and education in the lives of Maranao Muslims, and how they are rich in the former, but poor in the latter.

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