July 1984 Vol. V, No. 4

10 July 2022 Dansalan Quarterly

In this journal, Abbahil delves into the ethnic self-image of the four major Bangsa Moro groups namely Maguindanaoan, Maranao, Sama, and Tausug as well as their inter-ethnic group attitudes towards one another. His account explores whether the different Bangsa Moro groups truly have a strong sense of inter-group solidarity, after the Philippine government had declared their institution autonomous. Another question Abbahil seeks to answer is whether the Bangsa Moro can be sustained. It is important to note that the Philippine government and the Moro National Liberation Front have two different perceptions regarding the ethnic groups in Muslim Mindanao–the former believes that the groups are ethnically diverse, while the latter believes in Bangsa Moro collectivity. Several issues arise from such differences in perceptions. Abbahil’s paper also explores the attitudes of the different groups towards the establishment of the Bangsa Moro. For instance, Abbahil reveals how the Maranao, Maguindanaoan, and Sama favored the name Muslim, while only the Tausug favored Bangsa Moro. But beyond the name, the groups fought for the respect of their value systems in the Christian-based Filipino system of government. Pertinent demographic trends in the Bangsa Moro were also scrutinized in the paper. In sum, while the establishment of the Bangsa Moro is a commendable first step, much progress must still be made for its genuine development.

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