April 1984 Vol. V, No. 3

10 July 2022 Dansalan Quarterly

This journal explores the complexities surrounding Muslim-Christian relations–the ties that have been formed despite contrasting beliefs. As a backdrop, Muslim-Christian differences are rooted in a lack of mutual trust for each other and are predicated on prejudice, ignorance, and fanaticism, all of which caused hostilities between the two groups for years. In “Muslim-Christian Relations at the Grassroots Level,” Rasul assesses the many dialogues that transpired between the Muslims and Christians over the years in attempts to maintain peace and order. His account also probes into possible solutions that may be capable of resolving the conflict between the two groups. These solutions include education, a religious approach which first involves an acknowledgement of the differences that exist, a political approach which involves the government, and the proactive sharing of values. On the other hand, in ““Rats” Armalites and Enduring Friendships: Notes on Christian-Muslim Relations in the Philippines,” Gomez navigates the dynamics between Muslims and Christians by surveying through their interactions and ideologies. In summary, relations between the two entities can be seen as a mixture of both hostility and friendship. While there is a considerable amount of hatred and conflict that plagued southern Mindanao through the years, it is important to note that there are still some good relationships which survived in many communities.

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