July 1983 Vol. IV, No. 4

10 July 2022 Dansalan Quarterly

The last article of Volume IV presents contrasting themes but nonetheless provide comprehensive accounts of history and rituals which are both integral elements of Moro life. First, Gowing’s essay focuses on the life of Frank Charles Laubach, a missionary who set out on a quest to impart the light and love of Christ through literacy teaching. Laubach arrived in 1929 to work among the Muslim Filipino community of the Lake Lanao area of Mindanao. He thought that usual evangelistic programs were counter-productive, so he changed the game by instead promoting literacy education to achieve his goal. Gowing articulates Laubach’s story in his essay–from Laubach’s humble beginnings to his migration to Manila, and of course his love of God. His legacy shall be remembered forever, thanks to Gowing’s narrative. Second, Wulff details the intricacies of death rituals among the Yakans in his article. It provides a lengthy description of the steps they follow in honoring death. To summarize such details, Yakan practices in relation to death combine both Muslim and pre-Islamic rites and beliefs, proving how bits and pieces of different ideologies are preserved through many rituals and norms, even after several shifts and changes. Both articles articulate the influential role of religion in the Muslims’ ways of doing, thinking, and ultimately, living.

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