Conflict Monitoring – Environmental and Social Commitment Plan

22 September 2021 Briefs / Conflict Alert

Conflict monitoring (Conflict Alert) is one of the core programming priorities of International Alert Philippines. The programme has contributed to the promotion of inclusive governance and evidence-based programming and policy-making in Mindanao, the Bangsamoro, and parts of Luzon in the last decade. The World Bank funded project aims to provide useful, timely, and reliable conflict data and analysis that enables key stakeholders to develop relevant policy responses, strategies, advocacies, and actions.

International Alert Philippines will implement the project through measures and actions in accordance to the Environmental and Social Standards (ESSs) of the World Bank. The Environmental and Social Commitment Plan (ESCP) of the Project outlines these measures and implementation commitments. International Alert will monitor implementation and report to the World Bank progress or adjustments necessitated by local dynamics while the World Bank will assess status and completion of the action throughout project implementation.

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