Conflict Monitoring – Stakeholder Engagement Plan

22 September 2021 Briefs / Conflict Alert

This document is the Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) which forms part of the environmental and social standard (ESS) requirement of the World Bank for the implementation of International Alert Philippines Conflict Monitoring – Philippines Project.

It is critical for state leaders and key stakeholders at different levels to have reliable conflict data and analysis in the BARMM to enable the development of appropriate responses, mitigate risks, and support the conflict to peace transition. As such, the project focuses on the provision of relevant, timely, and reliable conflict data and analysis that enables key stakeholders to develop relevant policy responses, strategies, advocacies, and actions.

The SEP outlines the context-specific and conflict sensitive approaches to data processing, stakeholder engagement and data protection throughout the implementation of the various components of the project and includes a mechanism where partners and other stakeholders can raise concerns and provide feedback on the project and its related activities. The SEP aims to improve and facilitate participation, decision making and enable an atmosphere of understanding, inclusion, and objective engagement that meaningfully involves stakeholders in an effective and efficient manner and ensures that social and conflict risks are minimized and mitigated. The SEP is a useful tool for managing communications between Alert and key economic, social, and political actors, and project partners.

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