Policy Brief on the Proposed Indigenous Peoples' Code

03 November 2021 Briefs / Conflict Alert

To aid in the legislation of the Indigenous Peoples’ (IP) Code in the Bangsamoro, this policy brief provides analysis and recommendations on the Cabinet Bill No. 40 that was filed by former Members of the Parliament Romeo Saliga and Melanio Ulama in July 2021 that will strengthen land management and peaceful conflict resolutions and processes in the Bangsamoro including provisions on scope and coverage, ancestral domain claims, camp transformation sites, the indigenous concept of ownership and ancestral lands, free prior and informed consent, management of natural resources, the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Indigenous People’s Affairs (MIPA), the Mutual Support Fund, and rights of women.

Some of the major recommendations include citing Non-Moro Indigenous Peoples (NMIPs) and the acknowledgement of their Ancestral Domain Claims to ensure that MIPA is mandated to recognize the existing claims of NMIPs.

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