International Alert Philippines

intalertphpngFrom its headquarters in London, International Alert began working in the Philippines in 1988 through Professor Ed Garcia, who did back-channeling work for the peace process between the Philippine government and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines.

The Philippines country office was opened in 2009 to work on the interconnection between violent conflict and exclusion in Muslim Mindanao. At the time, a ‘final’ peace agreement with the Moro National Liberation Front had been signed and negotiations were ongoing with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. Still, the situation in Muslim Mindanao had been volatile, marked by clashes between the government and MILF rebels (vertical conflict) and disputes between neighbors, families and clans (horizontal conflict).

International Alert Philippines’s current work on conflict monitoring, the shadow economies, conflict-sensitive economic governance, and the peace processes between the government and communist and Moro rebels is in response to the question of why there is still so much conflict despite the signing of peace agreements. It undertakes research and analyses, advocacy, capacity-building, and facilitation of multi-stakeholder processes. Find out more about International Alert Philippines.