Enduring Wars

The Conflict Alert 2020 report presents analysis on conflict dynamics and trends from 2011 to 2019 in the Bangsamoro, highlighting the rise of violence in pockets and corridors of the region within a picture of continued overall decline of violent conflict across provinces. The report tackles the high incidence of identity, resource, and political violence and the persistent nature of violent extremism and shadow economies of drugs and weapons in the region.
Suggested citation:
International Alert Philippines. (2021). Enduring Wars. Conflict Alert 2020. Quezon City, Philippines: International Alert Philippines.

Corrections to Conflict Alert 2020 (2021)

In an earlier version of International Alert Philippines. (2021). Enduring Wars. Confict Alert 2020. Quezon City, Philippines: International Alert Philippines, in Box 1 Clan dominance of regional politics in 2019, page 10, there was an error in the portrait label of Abdusakur M. Tan who was identified as Vice Governor instead of Governor.

In Box 7 Lanao Del Sur and Tawi Tawi slide into more violence, page 87, there was an error in the byline of the photo with caption “Passengers on their way to Barangay Sandab Madaya in Butig, Lanao Del Sur pass by parked military trucks. Soldiers routinely patrol the area, a former stronghold of the ISIS-linked Maute Group.” Photo credit should be Najib Zacaria.

All hardcopies and digital copies of the report have been corrected.

WATCH the video highlights of the Conflict Alert report below.