Conflict Monitoring

The Critical Events Monitoring System (CEMS) provides real-time updates via SMS and two-way radio on critical and emerging conflicts. Alerts are recorded in the database and sent to relevant stakeholders such as government agencies and the media to respond effectively to mitigate conflict escalation.

CEMS Bulletins

CEMS Bulletin – 12 May 2019

The a run-up to the 2019 Philippine election was characterized by intense political rivalries that saw candidates and their supporters engage in mudslinging, vote buying, intimidation and threats, harassment, physical fights, and violence with the use of firearms.

CEMS Bulletin – 22 May 2019

CEMS captured 144 real-time reports of election-related tensions and violence from 11-13 May in the Bangsamoro. These incidents were characterized by fistfights and the use of explosive devices, rather than the sort of gun battles that were a staple of previous electoral exercises.

CEMS Bulletin – 24 June 2019

The scorching summer and the heated elections formed the backdrop for tensions that simmered and, in several instances, boiled over in the Bangsamoro and surrounding areas in April. Our CEMS received 93 reports excluding election-related incidents, which were covered by an earlier bulletin.
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