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aboutb Comprehensive dataset The new system generates and provides the quantitative and comparative statistical data that can be used to determine the magnitude and scope, causes and costs, trends and directions of violent conflict. The full dataset can be downloaded in comma-separated values or CSV format, usable in statistical software such as Stata or SPSS.

Enhanced ArcGIS mapping systems Users can generate maps that show locations—from the regional down to the village level—where violent incidents have taken place. Custom map overlays can also be requested via email for a deeper comparative analysis and understanding of violent conflict.

Generate charts and tables The website allows users to download pre-generated charts and tables or create their own. Outputs can be saved in Excel and JPEG formats.

Download publications Conflict Alert makes available to registered users all general reports, datasheets, thematic briefs, and other publications by International Alert Philippines on violent conflict.

Registration Free registration is required to access the data and publications.